Bearclaw 8 Tooth Anti-Slip Ice Traction Chain Cleats

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The Bearclaw 8 Tooth Anti-Slip Ice Traction Chain Cleats - The ultimate grip when you need it most.

  • Ultra Lightweight design - Walk safely and naturally
  • Easy Fit System - fit/remove in seconds
  • A necessity for walking on slippery icy terrain.
  • Does not damage your shoes or boots.
  • Reduce slips and prevent injuries
  • A necessity for winter hiking or as an added precaution during harsh winters

  • They can be used on ice, snow, grass and other environments.
  • Please clean and dry after each use.
  • After prolonged use the sharpness of the claws will reduce. Use a small file and gently sharpen to the teeth. This is not a necessity but will give you a lifetime of use without having to repurchase another pair.

Package Includes:

1 Pair 8 Teeth Bearclaw Ice Cleats

( Red Size : M Suitable for 5-11 in US Ladies size)
( Black Size : L Suitable for 8.5-11 in US Gents size)

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